Next in BlueGranite’s Meet our Team blog series is Jon Trapane – a sports fan at heart who enjoys discovering new ways to apply data and analytics for better business insight.


Jon, a Staff Consultant at BlueGranite, has been with our team since early 2016. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems degree from Western Michigan University. Before BlueGranite, Jon spent some time working in digital marketing and assisted with web page design and running social media accounts.

Jon chose to get into the data and analytics industry because it is something that has always been interesting to him. Even when he was younger, he would spend time tracking his baseball-themed video game statistics in an old score book to try to figure out if he could improve his performance. That interest in data and analytics grew with Jon and now he gets to work with it every day.


Initially, Jon started off his Staff Consultant career in BlueGranite’s training program where he was able to follow a structured course at his own pace. He enjoyed having the freedom to work through various online classes, mixed with mentoring sessions where he could ask questions and get help.

Since advancing through the training program, Jon has spent time working with clients to implement new features and updates to their existing advanced analytics solutions. Additionally, Jon is helping build an end-to end-data warehouse solution with other BlueGranite team members – a project he had been looking forward to starting.

When asked why Jon enjoys working at BlueGranite, he had a lot of exciting things to say. Here’s what stood out the most:

“One of the biggest reasons I enjoy working at BlueGranite is the autonomy and level of trust each employee is given. There is a lot of room to make your own decisions and express yourself with our open-door policy. This is especially true when it comes to communicating the kinds of project work you prefer to focus on as well as what direction you would like to see your career move in. I think it’s great that to have that kind of support and flexibility from your employer, and really makes work overall more enjoyable and fun.”

Jon also had some interesting predictions about the BI industry. He believes that it is going to continue to grow, especially when you consider the sheer amount of data that is being created on a daily basis by businesses. Jon also thinks that there is going to continue to be a shift towards storing data in cloud solutions opposed to on-premises solutions – this is because of how difficult and (sometimes) expensive it is becoming to maintain physical storage areas.

In his free time, Jon enjoys volunteering for the local Kalamazoo Area Runners group, as well as participating in a variety of sports. Currently, he likes to dabble in baseball, golf, skateboarding, and bowling.

Want to learn more about the BlueGranite team and how we can help? Reach out to us – we’re always happy to chat about data and analytics!