This week, we continue BlueGranite’s Meet our Team blog series with Jacque Carlson – a statistician-turned-data scientist with a knack for analyzing complex datasets.

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Jacque joined BlueGranite as a staff consultant in early 2017. The University of Wisconsin-Madison alum holds a doctorate in research and psychology, with a concentration in statistics. With an extensive teaching background and over 15 years of experience as a college professor, Jacque brings unique insight and perspective to the data and analytic needs of our clients.

JacqueCarlson.pngJacque has always been drawn to evaluating data to discover the true story behind the numbers. Her early post-doctorate work included building online learning management systems. Her expertise with database management and querying language eventually opened the door to a directorial role developing systems to aid in long-distance learning for nontraditional educational institutions. These roles brought her closer to her passion: statistical data modeling.

Fast-forward to today, and you’ll find Jacque deep in the weeds with client data. When asked what she enjoys most about her work, here’s what Jacque had to say:

“Ever since college, I have wanted to focus my career in statistics, and it seemed to be a great fit for me. I truly enjoy looking at data, analyzing it, and uncovering the patterns and insights that are hidden behind the numbers. I like to think of it as an art form that presents crucial information that clients are trying to find.”

If you can’t tell from her passion for data and patterns, Jacque’s favorite kind of project is one that gives her the opportunity to help BlueGranite’s clients discover new relationships among variables in their datasets. Jacque enjoys applying a client’s industry and business knowledge to their data, and using that to uncover previously hidden insights. Companies tend to look at their data through a different lens than consultants. Incorporating expert outside perspectives like Jacque’s when tackling business issues can make all the difference in finding an ideal solution.

Why BlueGranite?

In addition to working in a field she enjoys, Jacque said she is glad to work for BlueGranite.

“Being immersed in a culture where you are encouraged to continually push your level of expertise and abilities is quite rewarding. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by some of the best talent in the industry and to know that we truly are providing our clients with trusted advisors.”

Besides having great team of people by her side, Jacque said she also enjoys the opportunity to work from her home office or from BlueGranite’s nearby headquarters.

You can find Jacque outdoors, camping or running the Michigan trails in her free time. In 2017, she made it her mission to run a half-marathon event every month. In addition to 12 half-marathons, she also  completed her first full marathon!

Want to learn more about the BlueGranite team and how we can help with your data and analytics projects? Contact us – we’re always excited to lend support!