To start 2018 off right, we are welcoming the new year with an addition to BlueGranite’s Meet our Team blog series. This time around, we’d like to introduce Solution Consultant Bret Myers – a Michigan State University graduate with a knack for turning data into valuable insights.

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With a background in computer science, Bret spent years working as a developer in the Microsoft BI stack for a large medical device manufacturer. He joined the BlueGranite team about three years ago to further his data and analytics talents.

When asked what he likes most about working in the industry, Bret said:BretMyers.png

“I really enjoy helping clients use their data to uncover information about their business that they might not have had before. The value that this knowledge can bring to an organization, when talking about millions of dollars OR records, is incredible – especially considering sensor and IoT data are growing at exponential rates for many industries.”

In addition to the opportunities to work in SQL and to help companies maximize their data, Bret said he also enjoys BlueGranite’s atmosphere. He credits the people, and BlueGranite’s startup culture. Working with what he describes as “incredibly intelligent” team members, engaging in a healthy work-life balance, and having control over his own schedule are the keys to a rewarding career.  

Bret said that the emphasis by BlueGranite leadership on exploring, learning, and professional development is encouraging. He explained that to expertly serve clients, consultants strive to be proficient in many technologies across several industries; professional development at BlueGranite has been crucial to doing it successfully. He added that BlueGranite’s continual growth and expansion of service offerings also inspire his ongoing education in the data and analytics field.

As for Bret’s 2018 predictions for the business intelligence industry, he’s confident that the growing flood of data – coming from everything from smart phones to water pumps – combined with advanced analytics will continue to allow companies to uncover previously unheard-of insights. Every day in the data and analytics world, we continue to see advances, whether it’s more and more data from smart devices, customer churn data predictions, or even forecasting demand for an organization’s services – all things that couldn’t be easily discovered or measured 10 years ago.

While Bret enjoys using the latest technology to solve problems for our clients, he also appreciates an adventure. An outdoorsman at heart, you will likely find him snowboarding, playing guitar, rock climbing, or traveling in his free time.

Want to learn more about our team and how BlueGranite can assist your organization in making the most of its data? Reach out to us – we’re always ready to help!