usingrintableauminingdata-1.pngIn a previous Demo Day video, I demonstrated how R can be used within Tableau to calculate outliers.

In today’s Demo Day video, we look at how to use R to mine data through clustering. For the example in this video, we want to see if we can identify patterns that may emerge thought the relationship of multiple business metrics. 

To mine through this large amount of data points, we’ll use a kmeans algorithm. This will allow us to establish patterns, and, as you’ll see in the video, give us the ability to identify an interesting cluster of orders that are negatively impacting the company’s bottom line.  

In the video below, you’ll learn:

  • How to ingest Tableau calculated fields into an R script
  • Use Tableau ad hoc features to compare one cluster against the others
  • Use Tableau’s grouping analysis features to understand cluser composition

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