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Customer Story – Insurance Company Modernizes Business by Migrating from AWS to Azure

Leading Insurance Company Enables Speed, Scale & Customer Centricity with Azure Overview A leading insurance provider migrated from AWS to Azure to improve service excellence and speed-to-market. 3Cloud’s Approach Assess Worked with the client to understand business challenges and future goals for digital transformation Migrate Migrated customer's key platforms from AWS to Azure Optimize Modernized

Customer Story – Real Estate Brokerage Boosts Customer Satisfaction with Azure

Large Real Estate Brokerage Boosts Customer Satisfaction with Azure Overview One of the largest residential real estate brokerages was looking to move to the cloud to improve speed, agility and reliability to enhance customer experiences. 3Cloud’s Approach Assess & Architect Learned of client's challenges and how we could help accelerate their journey to Azure. Created

Customer Story – Lab Services Leader Elevates Security with Azure

Lab Services Leader Elevates Cloud Security with Azure Overview A large laboratory services provider servicing the transplant community wanted a modernized data center and enhanced security by moving from on-prem solutions to the cloud. 3Cloud’s Approach Assess & Architect In response to the client's needs, developed a secure, reliable data center platform Migrate Migrated data

Customer Story – Insurance Provider Enhances Customer Experience with Azure

Insurance Provider Enhances Customer Experience with Microsoft Azure Overview A large dental insurance provider needed modernized systems to remain competitive and to boost customer satisfaction. 3Cloud’s Approach Assess Current environment assessment and Proof of Concept to replace legacy systems Build and Migrate Built an Azure Landing Zone to create a strong, safe foundation for successful

Customer Story – eCommerce Company Improves Security & Reduces Costs with Azure

Supply Chain and eCommerce Business Improves Security and Reduces Costs with Azure Overview A global eCommerce company wanted to move to the cloud to meet the forever changing demands of their customers plus enhance security. 3Cloud’s Approach Assess Assessed customer's needs including enhanced security, as well as lowering overall cost Build and Migrate Built an

Customer Story – Pathology Leader Increases Daily Testing with COVID Mobile App

Pathology Services Leader Increases Daily Testing Amounts with COVID Field Testing App Overview A large pathology services provider needed to significantly increase their daily COVID testing ability along with increase scalability and agility with a mobile application. 3Cloud’s Approach Assess Assess customer's needs for a mobile app which includes concurrent users, label printing in the

Customer Story – Cellular Retailer Saves Millions with Power Apps

Cellular Retailer Saves Over $1 Million a Month with Power Apps Overview One of the nation's largest cellular retailers needed to simplify the customer's lead distribution process for field representatives. 3Cloud’s Approach Assess Assess and pinpoint top priorities for a custom app to solve customer's challenges Design and Build Create a multi-form Power Apps application

Customer Story – National Sports Organization Transforms Reporting with Power BI

National Sports Organization Transforms Reporting by Migrating to Power BI Overview A national sports organization was looking for a complete business transformation and cost savings by migrating away from multiple analytics and reporting platforms to a more unified platform. 3Cloud’s Approach Assess & Architect Provided a Power BI Proof of Concept (PoC) to prove that

Customer Story – Virtus Achieves Significant Cost Savings with Data Center Transformation

Virtus achieves 21% savings through Data Center transformation with 3Cloud Overview Businesses everywhere face continuous pressure to transform themselves to meet the needs of their customers. Technology evolves creating new business models while making old ones obsolete. Virtus Partners saw an opportunity and took action, thus increasing market share. 3Cloud’s AzureReady Approach Assess & Architect

Customer Story – Georgia School District Improves Graduation Rate and Student Success with Power BI & Azure

Georgia School District Improves Graduation Rate and Student Success with Power BI and Azure Overview Forsyth’s Technology Services team sought to find a way to help assist and advocate for their students by using the most current information and consolidating data in a modern way. 3Cloud’s Approach Assess & Architect Assessed reporting and data landscape

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