Azure spend is complex! With so many options for spending, it’s critical to consider how you may save as well. This SaaS solution enables enterprises to monitor, manage, and optimize cloud spending in a multi-cloud environment, allowing customers and partners to make the most value for every cloud dollar spent.

In a recent webinar, Vice President of Managed Services, Mark Nelson, and Solution Director, Chandler Thomlison breaks down how to approach cost reporting and ultimately reduce expenditure as much as possible. The Managed Services team also discussed the intricacies and recommendations for managing your charges in Azure.

Additional topics covered:

  • What Financial Operations inside Azure means
  • Different ways to optimize your cost
  • How to navigate Azure Advisor and Cost Management
  • 3Cloud’s Cost Management and Reporting Tool: 3CMP
  • Different licensing structures in Azure

If you are in Sales or a Sales Enablement leader trying to optimize your Azure costs or navigate Azure Spend, then this webinar is for you. You can view the complete webinar by clicking on the link provided below.

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