Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Jacob Rivera serves as 3Cloud’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, and is responsible for leading 3Cloud’s sales team, marketing, and strategic partnerships. This includes driving revenue for 3Cloud’s professional services, managed services, and Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) lines of business.

With more than 15 years of technology sales and consulting experience, Jacob is driven to enable digital transformation for clients seeking to adopt cloud technologies to accelerate business success and innovation.

Prior to joining 3Cloud, Jacob served 12+ years at Microsoft in various leadership roles. Most recently, he was Director of Sales for Microsoft’s $240 million U.S. South Central corporate cloud business.  He also served as the Director of Technical Sales for the region, leading a team of solution and technical architects accountable for more than $375 million in annual cloud revenues.

Jacob resides in Austin, TX and holds an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from University of California, Davis and is an active board member in The Foundation for Vision and Learning, a non-profit organization.

Job title:
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

What that means:
Guiding clients to successfully leverage Microsoft Azure’s technology platform and 3Cloud’s services to enable business transformation.

Why he’s excited about Azure:
“We continue to see enormous growth in cloud-based technology, particularly in Microsoft Azure’s native platform and open-source solutions. Companies are looking for a strategic partner who can simplify adoption while maximizing significant returns on these important investments.”

Dream job after consulting:
CEO of a Technology Startup that serves people by maximizing their potential and/or improving quality of life.

Furthest he’s traveled from home:
Philippines – visiting the birthplace of his father.

Little known fact about Jacob:
The father of two young daughters, Jacob has mastered the art of making glittery slime from scratch.

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