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Application Modernization

Creating the next generation of cloud applications

We love apps! The application development team at 3Cloud can help bring new products and services to market at scale, the App Dev Practice at 3Cloud helps clients modernize their existing applications & introduce new revenue streams.

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  • “Azure-native app development is our sweet spot. We work with clients to both modernize existing apps and build new ones, and provide them with expert architecture and implementation support as they shift the focus of their development to Azure.”

    Roshan Soni (Practice Director, Application Modernization)

Data, AI, & Analytics

Helping clients make better decisions through data

Wisdom is power. For those clients who want greater insights into their business, the Data & Analytics practice at 3Cloud will provide visibility across your entire data estate, granting you not only insight into your data but the vision you need to predict changes and opportunities before they happen.

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  • “We have taken the best technical talent and brought them together to solve some of the most difficult modern data problems our clients are facing today, and to do that using the intelligent Azure Cloud.”

    Jake Kremer (Practice Director, Data, AI, & Analytics)

DevOps & Automation

Quality with velocity across development & infrastructure operations

The ability to move quickly is the hallmark of forward leaning clients. For those who want to get to market faster and with greater quality the DevOps practice at 3Cloud creates a foundation based on quality code, coupled with continuous integration & deployment that helps you provide a delightful clients experience while staying ahead of the competition.

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  • “We’re excited to enable our clients who want to increase the velocity, predictability, quality, and security of their software development and deployment processes, both tactically as well as strategically!”

    Noel da Costa (Practice Director, DevOps & Automation)

Infrastructure & Operations

Building a solid foundation for your cloud applications

We employ thoughtful architectures coupled with sound governance to ensure that the cloud applications you build today will evolve and scale to meet the needs of tomorrow.

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  • “Our team of engineers enables clients to start where they are now – in on-premises or co-located datacenters – and begin the transformation of their infrastructure to Azure with speed and confidence.”

    Robert Kuchera (Practice Director, Infrastructure & Operations)

Managed Services

Transformation is a journey, not a destination

The Cloud is forever changing. New updates emerge daily and companies can fall behind quickly. We have the tools, processes, and IP to optimize your spend and performance and ensure you stay on the leading edge.

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  • “Our vision encompassed  a comprehensive digital transformation that addressed scalability, security, and performance. 3Cloud’s partnership not only enabled Virtus Partners to transition quickly to where we wanted to be today, but also transformed our operations to facilitate future business success.”

    Lee Wielenga, Chief Information Officer, Virtus Partners
  • “The development of this application positioned us to handle the COVID crisis with ease.”

    Cellular Sales Director of Business Intelligence and Process Managment
  • “You’re going to see our graduation rate go up because of those students that we’re able to find and get help—and Power BI enabled us to do that.”

    Tim Fleming, Director of Technology Services, Forsyth County Schools
  • “By leveraging 3Cloud’s Managed Services to monitor and manage our environment, we’re able to contain costs, proactively mitigate problems, and provide maximum performance and availability of our systems. 3Cloud’s Managed Services help keep us abreast of new Azure technologies and service offerings and advise us on best practices. This relationship augments my team’s capabilities and enhances our focus on strategic projects that add value to Virtus.”

    Mike Jeffers, Director of Infrastructure, Virtus Partners
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