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Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics

Are you interested in learning how to combine your data with the ability to query data on your terms? Azure Synapse Analytics is a boundless analytics service that combines data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics into a single platform. This tool enables users to bring their worlds together by providing a combined experience for ingesting, exploring, preparing, managing, and serving data.

In a recent webinar by Lead Data Architect, Brian Custer, we examined the Azure Synapse Analytics unified analytics workspace and discussed the major use cases and scenarios for using the platform. Brian also spends time on examining the Azure interface.

Additional topics covered:

  • How to set up a workspace in Azure
  • How to work with the major features of the studio
  • Analyzing NYC taxicab data

If you’re looking for a unified analytics workspace to engineer and analyze big data, Azure Synapse is the answer, and this webinar will give you a great introduction to Synapse. You can watch the entire webinar by clicking the link below.

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