Cloud Infrastructure & Operations

The days of maintaining your own datacenter and purchasing your own server hardware are quickly passing. Moving to the cloud not only provides your business with a more cost-effective technology platform but also improves agility, enables scalability, addresses reliability and strengthens your security.
Through our Cloud Infrastructure & Operations practice, 3Cloud will guide you through a datacenter infrastructure and application assessment and advise you on the most appropriate Azure migration plan based upon your unique needs. We will then partner with your team to make it happen, with an especial focus on skills transfer and your team’s readiness.
Our methodology includes the following key steps:

  • Conduct a Cloud Readiness Assessment, evaluating your current IT environment
  • Design and develop an application and data center migration approach and plan
  • Implement the migration plan, in collaboration with your team
  • Tune and optimize the resulting environment to fully leverage the benefits of Azure
  • Transition and ready your team for ongoing support and operations