Cloud Applications

The days of maintaining your own datacenter and purchasing your own server hardware are quickly passing. But so too are the days of the client/server application. While adopting the cloud to optimize your infrastructure offers strong benefits, modernizing your applications for the cloud is needed to realize the full benefit of increased agility, scalability, reliability and security.

Through our Cloud Applications Development practice, 3Cloud will help you assess and remediate your existing applications as well as guide you in designing and delivering new cloud applications to take full advantage of the cloud paradigm and Microsoft Azure services.

3Cloud’s experienced architects will introduce proven design principles and processes to get the most from Azure while also sharing a more modern Agile and DevOps approach to tighten development/test/delivery integration and drive faster innovation. And our developers will do as much or as little of your cloud application development as you like.

Key Areas of Technology Expertise include:

  • Cloud Applications design and development
  • Dev Ops approach, processes and tools