Data Services & Analytics

With the ubiquity of network access and proliferation of connected devices, the rate of data creation and capture continues to accelerate. In many cases, data growth outpaces our physical storage and our ability to truly utilize – to identify which data is valuable, to organize into meaningful manner and to analyze into key insights and actions. Yet, this data can unlock enormous value and competitive advantage about our customers, our suppliers and our operations.
Moving to the cloud not only provides for a massively scalable, reliable and secure data platform to capture and manage this information but also offers a set of advanced analytics services by which to turn this data into insight and meaningful value.
Through our Data Services & Analytics practice, 3Cloud will guide you through a business planning workshop to understand your unique business need or opportunity as well as assess your available structured and unstructured data sets. We will partner with you to address both traditional descriptive analytic needs (“looking back”) as well as emerging predictive analytic possibilities (“predicting future”).
Through our iterative approach, we will help you to ingest, structure and manage the lifecycle of these key data sets. With this data, we can then apply a rich set of Azure analytics services, including machine learning using Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite, coupled with flexible visualization tools and dashboards by which you can gain insight and take action.
Key Areas of Technology Expertise include:

  • Advanced Analytics and Visualization, using Cortana Intelligence and R-Server and Microsoft Power BI
  • Traditional Data and Big Data, using HDInsight, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Analytics Platform System