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Controlling Project Chaos with Azure DevOps

Do you want to learn how to Control Project Chaos with Azure DevOps? In a recent webinar, Principal Consultant, Michael French teaches you about the functionality in Azure DevOps to help control the technical tasks involved in a project.

Are you asked these common questions by your team or management: Are we there yet, when with it be done, how do I know you’re making progress? These questions are evidence of chaos in your project. The goal of this presentation is to enable you to effectively answer these questions and wrangle in that chaos.

To do this Michael with teach you about a process we use called iterative development which is a modified agile approach. He’ll show you how to use Azure DevOps to support that process, this includes a demo of an event driven ETL project.

The webinar will cover all the steps of chaos wrangling:

  • Iterative Development
  • Sprint Planning and Team Capacity
  • User Acceptance
  • Control Scope Creep
  • Improved Communications

How does Azure DevOps fit in with all of this? As the webinar title states, the presentation digs into how to control project chaos with Azure DevOps and support the iterative process that Michael and most of our consultants use.

So, if you want to learn how to control project chaos using Azure DevOps, this webinar is for you. You can watch the complete webinar below.

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3CloudControlling Project Chaos with Azure DevOps