Paginated Reports in Power BI

What do you know about implementing paginated reports in Power BI? A recent client wanted to know their options for implementing operational reports, which are optimized for printing, alongside their interactive, self-service Power BI reports. Another client had recently learned about paginated reports within Power BI but was reluctant to use new software in their productions operational reporting.

Paul TurleyPaginated Reports in Power BI
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On-Prem Reporting with SSRS 2016

Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services 2016 now gives users a complete reporting solution covering tradition paginated reports, mobile reports and Business Intelligence. Here are some enhancements that make the 2016 version of SQL Server the best to date:

Tom WardOn-Prem Reporting with SSRS 2016
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Power BI, SSRS 2016 or Both? Questions Answered!


Hi everyone! We recently hosted a free webinar on whether you should use Power BI, SSRS 2016 or both. It was a great session with nearly 1,000 attendees! Because of the large number of attendees, there were many questions that we did not get to during the session. Below are all the questions that were asked during the session:

Tom WardPower BI, SSRS 2016 or Both? Questions Answered!
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What’s New in SSRS for SQL Server 2016: Part 1

Hi all! Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I have a great new subject to talk about. Last week, I struggled through a cold to deliver a webinar on SSRS 2016, and the new existing features coming with this new release. As a follow up to the webinar, I wanted to blog and answer many of the questions that I didn’t have a chance to answer during the webinar.

Tom WardWhat’s New in SSRS for SQL Server 2016: Part 1
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