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How to Create an Azure Key Vault in Databricks

Welcome to another edition of our Azure Every Day mini-series on Databricks. In this post, I’ll walk you through creating a key vault and setting it up to work with Databricks. I’ve created a video demo where I will show you how to: set up a Key Vault, create a notebook, connect to a database, and run a query.

Leslie AndrewsHow to Create an Azure Key Vault in Databricks
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SQL Security Set Up Best Practices

Security is crucial and at the forefront of everyone’s minds in business, especially if you’re a DBA. Of course, everyone should be mindful of security but for the DBA, it’s your job. The DBA is typically thought of as the gatekeeper of business data and we all know that the amount of data is growing in leaps and bounds.

3CloudSQL Security Set Up Best Practices
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Azure Lift and Shift Planning

Do you want to learn how to copy your existing VM to your new Azure Tenant? Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as just restoring the VM in your brand-new Azure space and enjoying the rainbows and sunshine that follow along afterwards. Prior planning and preparation are the key. This webinar by Consultant and DBA Michael Wall covers the steps that can be taken before the move as well as some tips to help with dealing with any issues afterwards.

3CloudAzure Lift and Shift Planning
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It’s Just SQL Server on Azure, Right?

Do you want to learn how to integrate SQL Server in Azure? In a recent webinar, Steve Hughes, Director of Consulting at Pragmatic Works, shows how what you choose impacts security, capability, performance, and costs. The cloud is a moving target, this webinar will give you an understanding of your SQL Server options on Azure.

3CloudIt’s Just SQL Server on Azure, Right?
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