Data Migration

Keys to a Successful Data Platform Migration


Have you started your data platform migration yet? If not, you can be certain that your competitors have either already migrated, or will be soon. What are you waiting for? A modern data platform opens a wealth of opportunities for your organization.

Tom WardKeys to a Successful Data Platform Migration
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Confident Cloud Migrations


Conversations about your cloud strategy are probably the focus of many business meetings today. And if they’re not, they should be. You may ask, ‘Is everyone moving to the cloud?’ The answer is Yes!

Tom WardConfident Cloud Migrations
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Make Your Move from Oracle to SQL

Are you tired of Oracle, Cybex or Teradata? Are you ready to move from these platforms to a better system for your business, but not sure how to get there? So many of our customers are moving their platforms to SQL Server. Let me tell you the 3 main reasons they are making the move.

Tom WardMake Your Move from Oracle to SQL
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Successful Enterprise BI Migration

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Would you like to explore the opportunities that Enterprise BI Migration might mean for your business? Does your business plan involve migration, but you’re not sure how to do it successfully? If platform migration is an initiative for your business, Pragmatic Works has everything you need to be successful. Pragmatic Works has an exceptional reputation in BI and analytics and has helped many of our over 7,000 customers make a successful move.

Tom WardSuccessful Enterprise BI Migration
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Successful Data Platform Migration

Pragmatic Works Consulting Services (1).png

Data platform migration can be a big, scary project for organizations, but at Pragmatic Works we have an incredible reputation of success through our years of experience with data platform and BI work.  To make the most of your data migration initiative and make sure it’s successful, there are a few factors you need to focus on.

Tom WardSuccessful Data Platform Migration
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