3Cloud’s Approach

Assess & Architect

Provided a Power BI Proof of Concept (PoC) to prove that a single platform could replace and expand upon the functionality of previous platforms

Migrate & Consolidate

Migrated away from costly Tableau, Qlik and Domo to a single unified platform


Enhanced reporting and visualizations for better analytics with Power BI



Amount Saved in Annual Licensing Costs


Number of reports to produce went from 20,000 to 1,000


Use of Centralized Data by All Teams in Organization

Migrate from Legacy Platforms and Gain Optimized Reporting with Power BI

3Cloud worked with the client to demonstrate the ease and functionality of Power BI and meet report users’ needs.

3Cloud conducted a Power BI Proof of Concept to demonstrate the functionality of Power BI, and how it could meet and exceed the current Domo and Tableau reports for users’ needs. 3Cloud and Microsoft worked with the internal IT team to create and validate equivalent and greater functionality and presentation using the Power BI platform.

We also delivered live and personalized training to multiple developer, power user and report consumer audiences to demonstrate the ease of use and functionality of Power BI. With both report developers and consumer audiences confident in their abilities to create and gain insight from Power BI, the decision was made to go forward with complete migrations away from Tableau, Qlik and Domo over to Microsoft Power BI.

The Results

Through the initiatives brought forth by 3Cloud, the sports organization has further embraced a data-driven culture with the development of data governance processes made possible through Power BI. Additionally, they were also able to empower greater end-user accessibility and true self-service with the enhancements of reporting and analytics through dynamic report filtering. This new optimized environment significantly reduces any delays in report requests that were traditionally made by the business users, and instead provides the most up-to-date analytics and insights for the business to take action while ensuring data integrity and access permissions are controlled. They also benefitted from dynamic report filtering and measures that removed regular maintenance caused by hard-coded values that existed in Tableau prior to the new solution.

The cost savings from unifying all reporting platforms resulted in a massive reduction in licensing costs, $40,000 per year, as they already had Power BI. By eliminating their use of Tableau, Qlik, and Domo and migrating everything over to Power BI, they were able to successfully eliminate redundant spending, while gaining the ability to quickly scale as needed for a fraction of the cost they were paying before. The elimination of reporting waste by a reduction of manual copy/paste methods into automated database connections not only saved valuable time for their employees, but also provided a cost savings in terms of resource allocation. Most significantly, 3Cloud was able to reduce the number of reports the customer had to produce from 20,000 down to 1,000.

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