3Cloud’s Approach

Assess & Architect

Assessed the organization’s readiness for data governance

support & align

Structure of data governance program engineered to support & align to school system’s unique needs

identified action areas

Identified & established action areas to advance the analytics program


Avoid DG Fatigue

With streamlined process


Reduction of data governance committee

Student Success

Improved with becoming data driven

“For us, 3Cloud’s Data Governance solution was simple, straightforward, and fast. It was an excellent program for what we needed.”

The Solution

3Cloud creates a data governance roadmap to meet Fulton County Schools’ key initiatives. 

3Cloud’s initial assessment included an evaluation of the school system’s readiness for data governance, supplemented with a custom designed, actionable future state roadmap with clear deliverables. The streamlined startup process we developed avoids data governance fatigue. The structure of the data governance program was engineered to support and align to the schools system’s unique data and content needs. In addition, we established roles and responsibilities and an accountable body to support key data governance initiatives, as well as identified action areas to advance the analytics program. 3Cloud also helped scale down the customer’s data governance committee in order to gain efficiency.

The Results

Not only did 3Cloud set up Fulton County Schools with a solid and actionable data governance solution in place, but we also helped refocus and reorganize the data governance committee. Our plan reduced the number of members by 80% – from 25 to 5 members. This will save time and money, and make committee meetings more efficient. According to Serena Sacks, CIO of Fulton County Schools, “The reorganization was a big win for us. Now the committee consists of a lead implementation person, two people from the academics side, and two from the IT side, which is perfect. For us, 3Cloud’s data governance solution was simple, straightforward, and fast. It was an excellent program for what we needed.” The clear, established roles and responsibilities and accountable body we created will be key in supporting the customer’s data governance plan. By identifying action areas within their analytics program, FCS can better utilize their data. 

Most impactful, this first step makes major strides to becoming a data driven school district which will improve student success, and help achieve Fulton County Schools’ strategic goals including zero failing schools in the near future. 


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