Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes is the Director of Consulting at 3Cloud. In his current role, Steve manages the west and central Data & AI consultant team at 3Cloud and directs implementation of our cloud practices for customers. He focuses on team development and company growth with this role. In his previous role as a Principal Consultant Lead, he focused designing solutions for customers on Microsoft technologies including SQL Server, Power BI, and Azure.

WORM Storage in Azure

In today’s post I’d like to talk about what WORM storage is and how it can help with compliance and security. With the recently added WORM storage in Azure, Microsoft supports immutable storage with their blob storage accounts, allowing various regulated industries and legal situations to be properly supported in Azure.

Steve HughesWORM Storage in Azure
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Azure Active Directory and Guest Users

I’d like to talk about Azure Active Directory, how guest users are created and how best to manage them. Azure Active Directory is one of the components that covers your entire business included with Office365, Power BI and other Azure assets. Azure Active Directory is the identity backbone of the Microsoft cloud.

Steve HughesAzure Active Directory and Guest Users
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Azure Queues

In today’s post I’d like to talk about Azure Queues. There are currently 2 queue options available – Storage Queues and Service Bus Queues. Let me tell you about the benefits of each, as well as the scenarios each are best for.

Steve HughesAzure Queues
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Informatica on Azure

Azure continues to grow and expand with more products being introduced in the Azure Marketplace. In a recent post, I spoke about how the Marketplace works and the solutions you can find there. One of the key vendors Microsoft has with offerings in the Marketplace is Informatica.

Steve HughesInformatica on Azure
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What is Azure Advisor?

When you start out with Azure, you may be thinking, am I doing this right? Who can you ask about what you’re doing right or wrong and what can you do differently? Of course, 3Cloud is always here to help and to give our opinions and the best practices we use based on our experiences.

Steve HughesWhat is Azure Advisor?
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What is Azure Monitor?

Monitoring your subscriptions and resources is an important part of using Azure. If you’re starting out or working with Azure, I’d like to get you more familiar with Azure Monitor. Azure Monitor enables the core monitoring components for Azure, including metrics, activity logs and diagnostic logs that are at the base level reporting metrics for most, and soon all, Azure assets.

Steve HughesWhat is Azure Monitor?
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Azure Marketplace and Some Key Things to Know About It

Are you familiar with the Azure Marketplace? As Azure continues to expand throughout the world in terms of deployment, more and more vendors are building solutions and templates for use on Azure. Many of these solutions end up in the Azure Marketplace.

Steve HughesAzure Marketplace and Some Key Things to Know About It
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