Jon Bloom

38 years behind the keyboard, started with PC-DOS and BASIC, at age 12, when not solving the Rubik’s cube. Lead Consultant, architect, online instructor, husband, enjoy nature and our golden retrievers.

Using PowerShell in the Azure Portal

Did you know that the Azure Portal has a feature to connect using PowerShell in the cloud? With this there’s no need to connect using local PowerShell; simply connect, authenticate and start running commands on your Azure site. In this post, I’ll demo how to use this nice feature.

Jon BloomUsing PowerShell in the Azure Portal
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Getting Started with Azure Analysis Services

If you’re working with Azure, hopefully you’re already taking advantage of Azure Analysis Services. There are many benefits here including; scale resources to match your business needs, easily visualize your data using your favorite data visualization tool (like Power BI), as well as govern, deploy, test and deliver your BI solution with confidence.

Jon BloomGetting Started with Azure Analysis Services
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